Well Visit


For the next several weeks, your cute bundle of smiles will probably be pretty happy, sleeping for longer at night and not yet independently mobile. Your baby will be a little treasure to be around for a good bit of the time.

What should my three-month old be doing?

The key milestones for your 3-month-old baby are:
Good upright head control in supported sitting
Follows a face or toy held in front of them in a semi-circle
Holds and examines their own hands in front of them and fingerplay
Takes turns in ‘baby-talk’ conversations

They will probably also:
Rock from side to side and backwards and forwards
Smile and vocalise with lots of ‘babytalk’
Show excitement and anticipation
Raise head and chest to rest on arms during tummytime
Move head from side to side to locate the source of a sound

At this visit, your baby will receive their 2nd HIB (Haemophilus influenza type B) PCV(pneumococcal) vaccines.

Did you know?
Research shows that babies this age love hugs, which can help with cognitive development.

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