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While your little helper can’t vacuum the rug or do the laundry, he can assist with lots of household chores and feel quite capable in the process. And be prepared for some drop-off drama at preschool when parting ways upsets a clingy toddler.


By 2 ½ years your child should be able too:

  • Play pretend
  • Play and interact with other children
  • Point to 6 body parts
  • Knows correct animal sounds (cats meow and dogs bark)
  • Other people are able to understand what your child is saying 50% of the time
  • When talking outs 3-3 words together
  • Can jump up and down in place
  • Puts on clothes with help
  • Washes and dries hands without help
  • Brushes teeth with help

By this age you should have already introduced your child to seeing the Dentist

At this visit, your child will receive 2nd Hepatitis A vaccine during visit.